For as long as I can remember I have been able to find solace in nature. It is, and continues to be the biggest inspiration in my life, and my work as an artist. I have always been passionate about animals-especially birds. They have such a unique energy and spirit about them. Every type of bird has it's own set of personality traits which I try to bring out in my work by paying special attention to detail in the face, and eyes. I believe the eyes are truly windows to the soul so if I am able to capture them it allows me to connect even further to each subject. I also try to accentuate the features I see with each piece through bold use of color, and creation of texture through purposeful brushstrokes. My work is definitely whimsical in nature, which is what I strive for. At the end of the day, I want to create work that spreads joy and makes people happy.

about the artist

Rachel’s work is a reflection of what inspires her most- her love of nature. Her bird paintings, while inherently whimsical, also capture a sense of mystery. Her attention to detail, and bold use of color are what make these paintings come to life.
Her work has been featured at several galleries and businesses throughout the Philadelphia area, and as far west as Colorado. She is a member of the Chester County Art Association where she has also taught classes and workshops. She has donated a great deal of her art to raise money for several non-profit organizations including: The Main Line Animal Rescue, Noonetime Charities, Serving at the Crossroads, Empty Bowls, Habitat for Humanity, and Finding Shelter Animal Rescue. She currently lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania. One of her favorite places to find new inspiration is the Stroud Preserve in West Chester, a 574 acre protected wildlife habitat and “important bird area” as designated by the National Audubon Society.

artist STatement

Rachel Altschuler, a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania, showed an aptitude for art at a very early age. Throughout high school, she excelled in drawing and painting, and was eventually awarded an art scholarship to Coastal Carolina University. While there, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Studio and a Master’s degree in Art Education. Upon graduation, Rachel began teaching in the art department at Villa Maria Academy High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania. After five years of teaching she left to pursue her career as a full time artist.