Rachel holds a B.F.A. in Art Studio and her M.A. in Art Education from Coastal Carolina University, which she attended on an art scholarship.  Her work has been featured at multiple galleries throughout the Philadelphia area, and Maine.  She splits her time between the two places with her husband Michael and their beloved basset hound, Elmer.

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Growing up in bucolic Chester County, Pennsylvania, Rachel Altschuler could often be found playing in the woods behind her backyard and exploring nature trails.  This love of the outdoors provided not only a haven but eventual inspiration for her artwork.

Rachel has always been fascinated by the unique energy and spirit of birds.  These have become one of her favorite subjects to paint. By focusing on their eyes and utilizing bold color and purposeful brushstrokes, Rachel is able to evoke the whimsical and sometimes mysterious personalities of birds.

For as long as I can remember I have been able to find solace in nature. It is, and continues to be the biggest inspiration in my life, and my work as an artist. I have always been passionate about animals-especially birds. They have such a unique energy and spirit about them. Every type of bird has it's own set of personality traits which I try to bring out in my work by paying special attention to detail in the face, and eyes. I believe the eyes are truly windows to the soul, so capturing them is the most important aspect of my process. I also try to accentuate the features I see with each piece through bold use of color, and creation of texture through purposeful brushstrokes.

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